Adele Bargilli

Adele Bargilli entered the field of fashion and costume by carrying out initiatives of public interest, creating clothes for important people and obtaining recognition from the national press relating to her personal skills and intuitions.

Its goal is a mission aimed at uniqueness and beauty.

The ultimate goal is the creation of unique works of art.

“ There is a path full of pebbles and deep grass that leads up and up there a shadow is coming towards me, tall, sunny, beautiful, two blue eyes that give me an enormous feeling… but why do I feel like this?

Because it is she, a great woman, noble, a lady: two souls meeting that cause energy.

She is there like me, in a single energy of class, beauty, sincerity, nobility that are expressed in the cut, in the fabric, in the style, in creating something unique…

At the end of the avenue, at the top to pick a flower, a flower that will be the victory of this adventure. 

Giulia Gambaro