Tradition and innovation come together to release new emotions

ABProject has a technological team that carries out research and development activities focused on the creation of Wearable Sensors suitable to be worn respecting both all the safety provisions in accordance with current legislation and the positive impacts on the environment and in the social sphere.


AI not only helps us stay at the forefront of the fashion world, but also allows us to reduce our environmental impact through a more efficient use of resources.

We are excited to continue exploring the possibilities that artificial intelligence offers in our industry, driving the fashion of the future with creativity and sustainability.


Each garment has integrated a unique sensor with NFC technology, through which all information is recorded and tracked without the possibility of counterfeiting. An easy-to-manage App is available to check all the functions linked to this technology at any time.


Blockchain technology allows the creation of a unique NFT digital twin that guarantees the marketing of the garment and avoids any possibility of counterfeiting.


The advanced BodyScan 3D system is able to detect every measurement of the customer’s body in great detail. The data detected by the scanner is then reported on the model and begins the tailoring production phase.

The simulation using the online configurator shows how the chosen garment will look once all the creative phases have been completed. 

At this point, customizations are possible with various accessories and unique details, chosen from the vast gallery based on your tastes and needs. 

Adele is always available to advise anyone who requests a professional opinion.


It is possible to market each item in complete safety and in complete autonomy.