Our world

ABProject wants to create works of art for the hedonistic pleasure of its customers, aware of making the right choice.

The best possible choice.

A simple gesture like the purchase of an item that collects and preserves many concrete meanings in the social and environmental fields.

The sociability and greenpact initiatives demonstrate this.

Only natural materials with low environmental impact, respecting the rights of all people involved in the supply chain.

Only materials processed 100% in Italy with a controlled and traced supply chain.

A further commitment to take environmental impact well beyond sustainability.

When we create a new garment we want it to be a true work of art we want to create a world where our customers feel they belong



Product Manager

Anyone who wears an ABProject garment is privileged and knows that in contact with their skin they do not have a simple quality fabric but a philosophy of life.


The privileged can enjoy all the psychophysical benefits that the AB universe can offer and share with those who can appreciate the uniqueness of its intrinsic value.


Adele Bargilli




Those who choose an ABPROJECT
garment choose to dress in a unique and exceptional way,


chooses the splendid qualities of the materials and enjoys the vibrational energy that they release on his skin,


consciously chooses to participate in the solution of specific social and environmental problems.




The philosophy of the ABProject brand wants to bring back the splendor of Italian excellence to be appreciated in the world.

The Italian tradition of haute couture and craftsmanship has centuries-old roots, by combining this tradition with the innovation of fashion 5.0 we get the best.

The ABProject customer is aware that by purchasing an item of the brand he will not only wear the best product from a qualitative and ethical point of view, but he himself will be the protagonist of the change in approach that human beings must have towards nature and everyone other living beings.

Those who choose ABProject are not satisfied with being zero impact, they want more.

It wants to be a true protagonist in the now mandatory commitment that our actions must carry out towards planet earth.

Above all, he wants to experiment with new sensations by wearing innovative, natural and 100% Italian fabrics.