Creato In Italia is a production specification promoted by AB , but given its universal importance it is not for the exclusive use of its creator.

Adele knows that some values ​​are timeless and must be for the benefit of those who want to share their essence.

Creato In Italia is a production specification that is used to transform an extra-luxury fashion item into a work of art.

Everyone can use it by scrupulously respecting all the phases, characteristics and conditions that distinguish it.

Even a single phase or detail that does not comply with the Creato In Italia production specification does not allow the use of the brand.

Everything must be uniquely traceable and verifiable. Even a single doubt compromises the use of the trademark and will be prosecuted according to the law.

The Production Specification provides for the declaration by the supplier or master executor to respect all the parameters and constraints of the “Production Specification

The Production Specification is an instrument document with which every company that wants to boast the logo and the associated prestige must scrupulously comply.

In addition to the technical and qualitative aspects of the products and raw materials, the Specification also defines the environmental aspects to be respected.